A MXTX Fanwork Book

Radiance is a fan project focused on elevating written works through collaborations between writers and artists.The anthology format allows us to produce a longer work than a standard zine, and to include written works of greater length.


What does the title mean?
明 is a Chinese character that combines the characters for sun (日) and moon (月). The word 明 itself means brightness, so we chose a closely related word, Radiance, as the title of the project.
Will there be an even distribution of pages for the 3 different MXTX works?
Yes! We’d already planned to give equal representation to all three works when we opened the project, and our interest check showed that our audience is about equally split across all three works.
If the book is hardcover will there be a dust jacket?
The book will be available in both softcover and hardcover. The hardcover version has a linen wrap and dust jacket.
What is the average shipping cost and where would it be sent from?
We'll be shipping from the US. Shipping estimates:
Within US: $8.50 USD
Canada: $16.50 USD
Rest of World: $20.50 USD
See this sheet for the most up-to-date estimates and group order information.
Do creators get a free copy?
Yes, creators will get a free full bundle, plus free shipping if preorder sales allow it!
Would this zine allow for works to include characters from different MXTX works in the same piece?
Yes, crossovers will be allowed.
Do we choose what pairing we want to create for?
In the contributor applications we’re asking for three pitches, which includes what characters you want to include in your piece. You are not locked into these pitches, but we will be using the pitches to balance the amount of content across all three of MXTX’s works.
Since this project is an anthology rather than a tradition zine, will you be including longer fics?
Yes! That's exactly the idea. We expect to include 20 writers, each with a word limit of about 5,000 words, which is approximately 100,000 words total.
How will the writer-artist collaborations work?
We expect 5-10 works to be collaborative pieces between fic and art (exact number is subject to change depending on interest!). Applicants can rate their preference for being in a collab. Note that even if you strongly want to be in a collab, you must still give 3 pitches in your application because you might not necessarily be chosen to be in a writer-artist collaboration.
Are we allowed to apply for more than one position in the zine?
Applicants are welcome to apply for multiple positions, just be aware that if accepted it will only be for one position. So, if you apply for both writer and merch artist, and are accepted, it will only be to one.
Will contributors be allowed to post their work on AO3 and social media later on or will it be exclusive to the zine?
Yes, posting to AO3 and social media will definitely be allowed. However, mods request that any posting/sharing of your anthology piece happen after the project has been fulfilled.


Without Regret
An Untamed Zine

System DLC
A SV Fan Comic Anthology

Bearer of Light
A Lan Wangji Zine


Radiance: A MXTX Fan Anthology will feature fanart and fanfiction based on all three of MXTX’s novels: The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation | MDZS, The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System | SVSSS, and Heaven Official’s Blessing | TGCF.Theme
The book will have the theme of “Duality: Day & Night,” reflecting MXTX’s style of creating contrast and duality in her works. This means we are looking for works that explore duality, opposition, and contrasts. This can be literal, or more metaphorical.
An AU where Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are the deities of the sun and moon, a drawing of Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu that aligns them with light and darkness, or a comic exploring how Hua Cheng and Xie Lian each embody both good and evil would all suit the project equally well.Works may be set in canon or AUs so long as they relate to the theme of the project. We are also encouraging contributors to explore gender, sexuality, neurodiversity, mental health, and disabilities in their work.Book Information
300 to 400 pages
P4P (pay-for-production)
SFW (safe-for-work)
PG-13 Rating
20 writers (3-5k words each)
20 page artists (black-and-white art)
6 merch artists
One guest cover artist (full-color)
All print options will have a full color cover and black and white illustrations
Paperback ($15 USD)
Hardcover ($25 USD)
Shipping from the US
Free, public eBook after project ends with full color for pieces that have been rendered in color in addition to black and white
*all project details subject to change


May 4 - 11: Initial Interest Check
May 12 - June 5: Mod Apps
June 9: Mod Acceptances
June 20 - July 4: Full Interest Check
July 10 - August 10: Contributor Apps
August 29: Contributor Acceptances
September 5 - December 5: Creation Period
December 6 - January 8: Book Production
January 9 - February 12: Preorders
February-March: Invoice Payments and Finalizing Finances
April-July: Production and Shipping
Latter half of 2022: Leftover Sales
*all dates subject to change